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Is Mitt Romney wrong on Israel as well?

Yes, Mitt is as wrong on Israel as he was on the Olympics in London. Mitt’s blinders are preventing his being able to see anything beyond the profits of a war with Iran. I myself can see no profits in any war that necessitate the death and maiming of our children. I am thankful President Obama has not given into the taunts from the draft dodging war hawks and their children. I do not perceive President Obama as being weak when it comes to the Middle East. His policies have actually improved relationships in the Middle East. I do not agree with the drones, our involvement in Libya, and none involvement in Syria. However, I respect the moves made by our president in the Middle East. He has been firm without attempting a return to the colonialism that haunts the people of the area to this day. He has a firm understanding of the history of the area and what motivates the people. President Obama has also not hidden the fact that the U.S. is and will remain an ally of Israel. Netanyahu, refused to be drawn into the Romney alternative universe by David Gregory on Meet the Press. In fact Netanyahu’s comments on Meet the Press spoke volumes. The GOP can stop attempting to use Israel as a pawn in U.S. elections. Romney has no vested love for Israel beyond its corporate balance sheets. Romney has no understanding of the Middle East. He and his surrogates are pushing the Monroe Doctrine in 2012. The world is too small and the people too connected to the lessons of colonialism for such a doctrine to be affective in our dealings with the world. Mitt is wrong for America and the world at large. Links:


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