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One Issue Voting? Really?1?!

As I was pondering what would be my first rant of the day, I saw a headline on Yahoo about Black Christians wavering on voting for President Obama. I thought, "Oh no, not this far into the race." It is imperative that Americans are able to vote based on more than one issue. If the difference between Democrats and Republicans is only one issue then I can see voting on one issue. However we have issues in America. I had the pleasure of being the first elected open LGBT delegate from the state of Mississippi to the 2012 DNC. I remember speaking with another LGBT delegate from the South to the DNC about the importance of the election. This delegate, to his credit, understood why I was not a one issue delegate to the DNC. Although being able to have the same rights as heterosexual couples afforded to me by my government is important, there were other issues I face as a rural single black lesbian mother living in Mississippi with aging parents. If someone ran as a Democrat but did not support Gay Marriage that person would not lose my vote, if he or she supported the other planks of the Democratic National Platform. My faith in God allows me to know I will be ok as a homosexual in America. I have lived long enough to know the legal documents I require in order to have the same rights as heterosexual married couples. However if my innate rights as a human being and American citizen are subverted, then I shall not be ok. If the government does not improve transportation infrastructure in rural areas to include mass transit then my salary will continue to not cover my living expenses. If my drinking water becomes polluted due to the gutting of the EPA, I and my children will not survive. If the government is allowed to determine if rape is legitimate based on if conception occurs from the rape then my existence is reduced to nothing more than a broodmare. If I cannot count on my parents being able to have access to quality public healthcare that does require my getting a second mortgage then I am doomed. If states are allowed to continue subvert the voting rights of minorities in America then I shall not be allowed to have a voice in the American democracy. We as Americans need to vote based on more than one issue. When we limit our vision to the tip of our noses we fail to act in a matter that ensures our long-term success. There is more to life than homosexuality. Links: Please read the links. There is a reason I blog my thoughts. These links are to actual sources, please feel free to click. I could not get the link to the Republican Platform for this posting.

DNC 2012 Platform

Differences in platform


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