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People Hold it Together

My dear Americans please do not lose your ever loving minds. Having Obama as president of the United States of America is not Armageddon.  Seriously we have survived worse Pearl Harbor,  Civil War, and George W. Bush. 

In my own life I am surviving day in day out setbacks.  My faith in the guidance of Christ in me keeps me going. I have a FUBAR situation now but I am still going.  I do not allow the noise outside myself to quite the inner and ever loving voice of Christ within me. 

Today's media enjoys keep our nation hyped up on fear. I am here to tell you it is possible to let go of the fear.  I tell you what I lived. I went from $250K to foodstamps. However I am still living.  We can do it, together.  Stay positive.  Think without fear.  Be ready to be a rock for another person. We can do it together.  

Certain politicians and faux news outlets need to stop the manipulation of fear. Shame on the churches, synagogues, & mosques enabling the growth of fear.  You holy ones should be the ones to remove such weeds from your fields.

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