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View of a Mississippian member of the 47%

I was floored by the response of some Mississippians to the 47% video. I listened to people continue to point to social issues as reasons not to vote for President Obama or any Democrat. How is it possible for anyone unable to pay $50K a plate for a dinner to support Mitt Romney or the GOP? Romney’s statement about the 47% is not the only reason Mississippians should consider their votes this November 6. The RNC chair, after the emergence of the 47% video, stated Romney was not off target with the GOP platform. A review of the GOP’s platform, rhetoric, and actions show Romney was indeed on target. The GOP’s platform is a blue print for the continued redistribution of wealth. The social issues (abortion, gay marriage, and access to birth control) are nothing more than distractions from the true agenda to redistribute the wealth of the working class to those living off capital investments (e.g. Mitt Romney). I, a working class person, found Mitt’s disdain for those of us who sweat for a living to be incredulous. Mitt’s wealth came from people (i.e. Staples’s employees) who sweated to make his investments profitable. The average Staples employee is part of the 47% not worth Mitt’s concern. When I look at Governor Bryant’s travels around America supporting the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act, I see more GOP rhetoric that does not work for Mississippians. Governor Bryant is ok with the vehicle insurance mandate in each state but not a health insurance mandate? Does he care more about vehicles or the health of Mississippians? Given the Affordable Healthcare Act is the brain child of the Heritage Foundation, I say with great assurance Governor Bryant’s travels around America for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act is pure rhetoric. The failure to pass a bill in the Senate to make it easier for veterans returning home to obtain employment is the utmost obstructive GOP action to date. I should note none of the five senators who voted in favor of the bill where from Mississippi. Is the desire to make President Obama a one term president so great the GOP will obstruct legislation to benefit veterans? In my lifetime it has been the GOP rushing to send the children of the 47% off to war. Romney has stated he will pursue a war with Iran once elected. He banged the gong for Vietnam but chose to get a deferment for missionary work in France during Vietnam. His five sons have managed to not have a military service record even after the events of 9/11. I do not see his sons being on the campaign with their father as the equivalent of military service. It is time for the 47% to vote for those who recognize the power of government granted to the people of America. Currently, when I review the platform, the rhetoric, and the actions of the GOP, I can only see a party and its candidates intent on returning to the same corporate owned and classiest government of the 1600’s. Links:


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