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Drunk blogging - September 21 2012

I placed the date in the title for I am sure I shall have many more such blogs if things continue like this week. There are people, actual everyday, non-celeb people, who are defending Mitt Romney's take on the 47%. These people are defending Mitt in light of the fact they are the 47% of whom he is speaking. Yes I need a drink. I need several drinks to live with these people. Heck, I need a flight on the first thing off this planet. I spent the week stupified. I am not and have never been confused about Mitt or the national GOP. I am confused about the poor people, Americans, who are defending the return to astristocacy/serfdom. These people believe a return to financial oppression will only affect non-whites. Have these people never heard of Ireland? The reason for so many Irish immigrating to the United States is about more than potatoes. Below are a few of my thoughts posted to my Facebook page: Forget Mitt's tax returns. I am concerned he and the GOP see the childen of the 47% as cannon fodder for the wars to maintain the bank accounts of the 2%. Mitt and the GOP warhawks have no children in the literal line of fire of our wars. However, they have voted to not support our children blessed to return from these wars. When will we learn to not fight rich men's wars? Press your members of Congress to vote again for real veterans support. I have no concern for Mitt Romney's tax returns. I am more concerned with his plans, fully supported by the GOP, for America. We need to listen to what he is saying. He and the GOP intend to limit upward mobiity for 47% of Americans. Welcome to the serfdom of the GOP and King Mitt. Yes, I drunk post in addition to drunk tweeting and blogging. Seriously, we need to have a down home conversation with our neighbors who are drinking the Faux News kool-aid. It is time for us to take the high road to reach out to these people who have confused financial profit and superioirty with being human.


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