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Oprah won't be my friend...*sigh*

Oprah won't be my friend *sigh*
The other day as I was flipping through Twitter, I saw a tweet about Oprah.  The tweet stated anyone using the word Nigger will not be her friend.  Well, I can safely say I shall not be Oprah's friend.  Although one would be hard press to recall my speaking the word nigger, I have blogged it enough to be a platinum selling rap artist.  I have a series of blog postings entitled “Nigger Please…”

I understand the aversion to the word very well.  I shall never forget the day when the school librarian, who was also the wife of the superintendent, called me a nigger.  To be fair, she was referring to all of the black children in the room that morning.  I informed her that she could not say such things at a public school and I would let my mama know of her behavior.  I think her husband informed her of my gun loving and shoot freely family.  She was apologetic on the next visit and extremely helpful.    

When I use the word in my writings it is not a term of endearment.  I use it when I am at wit’s end in explaining the behaviors of some people in the news.  These people know who they are and why I write of their niggardly behaviors using derogatory tones and terms.  There are times when “fuck you” just isn’t enough.  At this time in my life, I have not perfected the art of ignoring stupid.  I am working on it but I am a work in progress.  It is true; I have higher expectations of blacks in America for we have overcome so much to act so niggardly at times.  In fact when I use the term it usually comes when I have witnessed attacks on blacks by other so-called “educated” blacks.  I am not referencing the Smiley/West tag team on President Obama but if you wish to go there so be it.  There are times when “fuck it” just don’t cut it. 

Just as I shall not be an overnight guest at Oprah’s house, it seems I shall not be her friend either.  Will I not sleep because I am not her friend? No, I have a medical condition that allows me to sleep through many things.  Will my hair turn grey because of it? No, age will is doing just fine on its own.  When I reach the stage of perfection in dealing with my emotions, I may become Oprah’s friend.  Hell, I may be her overnight houseguest.  She may somehow find in the ethers the ability to forgive me for such imperfections and reach out to me as I walk this path of evolution.  However, until that time, when people do stupid shit I shall express myself freely for in America we still have the right to freedom of speech. We do still have it that right, right?

P.S.  To those without knowledge.  Nigger and its many derivatives is derogatory no matter how you say it or use it.  Do not try to make it positive.  It is what it is offensive.


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