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Misogyny is still an issue in Black community

I am posting another view of my timeline on Twitter.  This person took issue with my usage of the word misogyny and Black in the same sentence.  First, he/she will be okay when the swelling goes down.  Second, we do have an issue with misogynist attitudes within the Black community that is almost as bad as the institutional racism we as Blacks navigate on a daily basis.  Third, misogyny is not a monopoly of the Black community.  I am acknowledging it exists in the Black community and I have experienced it first hand. It is hard sometimes to swallow unpleasant truths about self.  I tell people I am not fat, I am just big boned.  Until we accept the whole self-truths, we arrest our development.  We become naught more than a pond in a valley, stagnate and filled with bottom feeders. 

If you know me offline then you will appreciate the humor of this person’s assessment of me.  If you don’t know me, I am the Black lesbian single mom living in Mississippi rocking a natural on occasions.  I have undergone 20 years of teen angst so don’t try to troll me.  I still stand by my comment, “The oppression of one is the oppression of all.”  When one lives in fear, one adds not to the bank of universal love. Be not a robber of the bank of love for all may withdraw freely from the bank if only one lives without fear.

One love and I behold the Divine in all of you. 


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