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Impeachment? Why?

Some days I don't have it in me to deal with stupidity.   I ask what has President Obama done in office worthy of impeachment?    Being Black is not an impeachable offense.  If someone thinks being Black is an offense then he or she has other issues.  

Seriously,  I ask did President Obama lie to Congress to put our nation at war?  Has he given billions of our dollars to one company via no bid contracts?   What has he done that is impeachable?  

As I type I think of the money wasted to impeach Bill Clinton for enjoying fellatio on the job.  The French laughed their asses off laughing at us. Now the world wonders why we have congressmen spending more time seeking evidence for impeachment than on ways to improve the GDP.  Where was this concern when Bush sent our children off to die or to be maimed? 

This Congress is unproductive , self-serving , & race baiting.   They continue to ply members of the working poor with tales of fear of the Black man in the White House as they take off their tables.   They deny access to healthcare to these same members of the working poor but pacify them with tales of the coming impeachment.  

Read the links below for your own conclusions.   Also take note impeachment happens in the House not the Senate.  Lawd somebody work with me. 



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