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What do we do as the Syrians die?

I have started this posting several times, however; something interrupted me each time.  This posting is important to me.  I am by no means a war hawk.  I truly believe in the beating of swords into plows. I do not wish to see more of our children maimed or dead to support this complex.  However, we must do something in Syria.  The people of Syria are asking for our help.  They have begged for our help for well over a year.  They are tired of being caught in the crossfire. 
When we became involved in the conflict in Libya, I spoke out against our involvement.  I did not support our being involved in Libya, Iraq, or Afghanistan.  There are times when one knows the military industrial complex is at work.  This time I know we should act without delay.  I think of Rwanda.  I think Kosovo.  I think Germany 1939.   I think of how the plight of Jewish people in Europe was ignored until almost 6 million were dead.  The cry “never again” runs through my head.  When I read of the people dying by gas, I think of Hitler’s ovens.  I think had intervention been delayed one day longer would I be here? 
I do not claim to have the answers but I know I would rather do something to reduce the death toll rather than continue to sit and to watch families murdered.  What will be most effective?  I don’t know.  I only know I hurt for the families torn apart by the strife inside of Syria.  I also know President Obama must get Congress’s okay for any intervention.  The President must make sure Congress is united in any action taken.  This time around, make those, who have rattled the bars for war, sign-off on war.   There are times I think of my shotgun toting grandmother’s words, “There will be peace or pieces.”  She did not book any foolishness and gassing citizens (even pepper spray) is wrong. 


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