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Please don't do Koch

Quick blog posting.

As I prepared to blog about a troll on my Twitter TL, I took the time to read two links.  I was very disturbed by what I read.

The first link was about MS becoming a nuclear waste storage state.  My first response was hell no.  The state is too small to store nuclear waste.  We also border one of the major rivers in the United States that feeds into the Gulf of Mexico.  We as a state need to think on this $$$ making opportunity.  Sometimes it is best to go without than to make a little money.  Something the Koch candidate for Senate in NJ is preaching to single mothers.

 I was upset this challenger to Corey Booker was attempting to shame single mothers into giving up SNAP benefits.  He falsely stated there were no such programs when he was a kid. If he and his sibling received death benefits, after his father's death, they were getting a government benefit.  His mother did not do it on her own.  Some people fail to think of the Social Security death benefit to children as government benefit like SNAP but it is.   Amazing how this Koch works.

Koch did not hid their intent to PR people into accepting less as they, the Kochs, get more.  I hear people making less than $100K repeating this nonsense.  I hear people who have known the financial devastation of cancer say we don't need the EPA.  Koch has gotten their money worth in their PR campaign via media and lobbying of elected officials.  It is time for people to wake up in America.  We need to stop voting for corporate owned candidates who do not serve the people.  This nation went to war many years ago because of the unfair advantage given to corporations by the government (research the Real Tea Party). 


Keep Social Security public


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