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OWS: Politicians Just Don't Get It

Please read all of the links in this posting. I am but a small link in being our own media. Thanks keep it going.

GOP out of touch. Democrats afraid to be Democrats out of touch. The main thing that should be noted in watching OWS is the people are no longer asleep.

1960's style attacks on peaceful people will not be allowed to remain unmitigated by the laws of the land. Those who attack the people peacefully protesting will be held accountable no matter what office they may or may not hold. We the people will have our day in court and at the polls. Even if we must face the costs of recall elections we will be heard.

It is time for our leaders and would be leaders to recognize we are no longer sleeping. We the people are wide awake. We do not like the jeopardy our elected officials have place our nation.

OWS goes beyond jobs. It is not only about money. It is about those who put money ahead of what is best longterm for America and all Americans. I love my country and all the people here. I desire to know the freedoms and the natural resources I enjoy with respect will be here another thousand years for others to enjoy.

Our nation is not for sale. We desire to see all people able to have medical care when in need of it and able to have the medicines they require without a mortgage in their homes. We desire an educational system that works for all children without using public funds for private gains. We desire to know those who manipulate financial disaster will be held accountable to the full extent of the law and beyond. We are tired of wars without merit and being told to hate those not from America. I love my friends worldwide. I desire the best for them as well. Stop selling war to us, sell hope instead. Most of all stop asking for a sound bite from OWS and go speak directly to those who occupy.

We must, all, bring our talents to the table to resolve the issue. 1% can not resolve the problem without the 99%.

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