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Simple request: I need to raise at least $1,300 by Wednesday afternoon to help get the word out in Mississippi that we have an election November 8th, next Tuesday. My goal is to travel the 500 miles from the Coast to South Memphis and all points in between to get the word out. The $1,300 will cover the cost of the newsprint, gas and Motel 6 Saturday night. I expect to be found at all Walmarts from the Coast to South Memphis and all points in between. I am not above going to churches on Sunday and night clubs Friday and Saturday night. Originally I was planning to just do a voter's guide online, however; last week someone said something to me that shook me to my core. This person, well read, world traveler, and highly educated was not aware of the primary being over and Mississippi having the first Black to run for governor on the ticket of a major party. My goal between Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon is to put a voter's guide into the hands of at least 8,200 people. Crazy idea to some but no crazier than the people not being aware of the fact we have an election and the initiatives on the ballot. As a staunch Independent I am not playing party politics but I am supporting candidates whom I believe to have Mississippi's best interest at heart. My goal is to give to the people factual information and my personal opinion on voting in this election. They may take the facts for what they are and view my opinion as my opinion. If you can and are willing please donate. I have a printer who can have the guide ready for me by Friday afternoon if I can get the information to them by tomorrow. Thanks for your help and for your support. Everyone must vote. It is not right for 37% of the voting age population to make a decision for 100% of the people. Republican\ Democrat\Independents we must become active in our government.

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