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Misspssippi's Hollow Victory

November 8th Mississippians came together to act in a progressive manner. However beyond measure 26 on the ballot there was no progression. Mississippians chose to keep the same regressive power structure in place. So called liberals were unable to see 26 as the red herring it was. The real road to cementing a Republican powerhouse was measure 27. It pass with over 60% of the vote. This measure was the Voter ID proposition.

Progressives in Mississippi have many battle fronts to secure if they desire to bring Mississippi out of the economic and social oppression that stifles true growth. Mississippians still work on a plantation they just do not pick cotton anymore. The jobs coming to Mississippi are still paying low wages that require individuals to work two jobs for many years. People in Mississippi apply for disability by the time they are 40 because of working two jobs most of their adult lives. Yet these same people continue to fight amongst themselves rather than take a stand against those who continue to oppress them.

I am tired. I am very tired. I shall rest before getting back into the fight. This election had taught to me just how deep the plantation mentality runs in Mississippi. I now understand how much work is required to bring progressive change to all of Mississippi. Therefore I shall rest well.

Blessings Mississippi and America

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