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OWS Not Dead

Please do not believe the hype. OWS is not dead. It is alive and growing. Each day those in power refuse to listen to the people, it grows. This movement is not about liberals, Whites, Ron Paul it is about all Americans waking up to the mess our bought and paid for politicians have allowed to occur in our nation. This movement did not start yesterday or because of the Arab Spring. Those who think this movement is about Obama, The Bush Years, or even what happened in the Near East have been in a deep sleep. A sleep induced by the elixir that trickled into our psyche from the Reaganomics IV. In 1992 Arrested Development song about OWS "Got to get political, political I gotta get," Speech rapped. "Grown but can't hold my own, so this government needs to be overthrown/ Brothers with the AKs and the 9 mms need to learn how to correctly shoot 'em/Save those rounds for a revolution /Poor whites and blacks bum-rushing the system /But I tell you: Ain't no room for gangstas/'Cos gangstas do dirty work and get pimped by mobsters/Some fat Italian eating pasta 'n lobster." ( No OWS is not dead. The movement is alive and well. The gestation of this movement has been so very long and we are only seeing the contractions. The birth and the pains of that birth have yet to come. Know that birth and pain of birth only leads to a brand new hope of life that requires nourishment and care 24/7 to yield the desires of the heart. There are those who mouth the right to life of all people but in reality they would abort 99% of the rights of life. OWS is about all people coming together without egos to achieve life and the rights of life for 100% of the people. There are no leaders or political parties responsible for OWS. It is a movement of the people that has been in the making for years. The Jackson (Mississippi) City Council recently attempted to deny OccupyMS the right to occupy public property by stating OWS was dead. I was hurt to see this predominately Black city council attempt to kill OWS. Blacks are the only group in America to have its very right of being human denied by law. It was as if these Blacks have learned nothing from history, much like the member of the GOP who continue to insist on tax cuts. It is sad to see oppressed people revel in being oppressors. Where is the Christ? Where is the Love? Blacks and poor Whites need to come together rather than continue to fight each other. However, much as Western(now China) powers continue to divide the people on the African continent while exploiting the rich natural resources of Africa, the 1% in America continues to divide the American people to maintain control of the wealth in America. I am rambling at this point and must end this posting. Please know OWS is not dead. Check the sources of those who say it is. Corporate media is attempting to kill the movement but we must not let it. Until the corporate owned media wakes up, we must be our own media. We must get out the message. OWS is not confused. Those who find it confusing are the creators of the confusion designed to end a movement. Wake up America. Please read the links:


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