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It is 8AM and the ignorance continues to flow

I am amazed at how ignorance is allowed to prosper in our society but intelligence is beat back into a dark corner. This morning as I sipped my McD's coffee I scanned a few headlines. I was dismayed, not shocked, to learn the Penn State coach's rape of mostly minority boys was evidence of the ills of same-sex parenting. Really!???!?

I felt another blow to my dyke-ish solar plexus. Because I am still working through having been abused as a child, I have, for the most part, tried not to follow the story or to comment too much on it. Yet, when this( type of ignorance makes it into MSM as an authoritative summation I can not be quiet.

The AFA has a strange way of showing concern for Americans and American families. Instead of using it's massive funding to uncover the cover-up or to help the rape victims get the help they need, they come out swinging against the LGBT community.
Know I am not shocked for the AFA is based out of Mississippi.
The same Mississippi that recently swatted down a poverty inducing anti-abortion measure, has it's own problems with pedophilia (rape of children). I would have been more shocked if the AFA had taken to the media it's crusade to rid Mississippi of pedophiles based on the Penn State Sandusky's rape of mostly minority boys. I would have passed out wasting my coffee if the AFA had used it's media airtime to call out those in Mississippi who know of those who have raped children but done nothing. Yet the AFA continued to show it's warped view of American family values by attacking same-sex parenting.
As a same-sex loving person who is a parent, I say hogwash. I am guilty of not sparing the rod, of not allow violence to be entertainment, and of insisting that respect for elders is displayed. I am not guilty of desiring sexual relations with children. Such blanket statements by pseudo psychologist at AFA serve no families.
What happened to those children from 1995 to this year must not be made political. What happened to those children is criminal. Those who covered up the rapes are worse than the one who committed the rapes. (IMHO). Children, no people need safe harbor in the storms of life. Rape is traumatic for adults let alone children. If you as a 6'5 200lb adult can not offer safety to a child who can. ( pardon that personal attack). What I should have said was traumatic events, such as rape, can be mitigated to the point of allowing the victim to have some level of normalcy by the support and caring of nonjudgmental people.
Obviously the AFA is not in that group of people since it has placed the LGBT community, rather than the plight of the children raped on top of it's list.

Stay focused America. Before we fight for the unborn we must do better at caring for the born. All if us heterosexual or homosexual or bi/tri sexual. Protect the children.

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