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The Cost of Occupy Wall Street

Recently a fake news story was making the rounds regarding the 13M dollar cost of Occupy to American cities. I call it fake for the story is a plant designed to turn public against Occupy.

I once had an instructor say to my class, "figures do not lie but those who figure do". The facts in the article were presented in such a fashion as to elicit sympathy for the economically hard hit cities, forced to police Occupy.

Really! Forced to police a group of peaceful people who have come together to exercise their constitutional right to protest? These people have brought no weapons beyond their voices and their rights to vote. Yet, they are more of a threat than Tea Party members with automatic weapons near President Obama.

The nonsense we have had in this movement has come from those not associated with it or from those attempting to stop it. The claims that OWS does not have a message are generated from the corporate controlled media ( think major defense contractor GE). Occupy Wall Street has a message. It is a message that like the low hum of a Sperm Whale is not audible to the naked ear but felt by the body. It has been singing in our souls since we started two wars while cutting taxes. It is the handwriting on the wall message written by the souls of those who are homeless while watching the foreclosing bankers buy new holiday homes using taxpayer funds. It is a message that is clear to those who see how the culture of greed has created a culture of disparity in which only disdain and hatred can thrive. It is a message that when one is ready to take the pill that awakens one from the deep sleep of consumerism one can not help being appalled by what we have become. We have lost not only our minds but the collective soul of our nation.

Dear reader be not fooled into thinking OWS is dead, deadbeat, or deadly. Occupy Wall Street is only Americans waking up to what we have allowed our nation to become. Occupy is not about any political party. Occupy is about all people being able to pursue happiness without being impeded by corporations. Occupy is about returning the government to the people. Occupy is about electing a government that will not sell out the people for personal or corporate gain. Occupy is about stopping the privatization of vital public services for private gain.

Yes, there are those who wish Occupy would die. Occupy calls out the wrong in campaign finance. Occupy shows why corporations are not citizens. Occupy shows most of all the people are not dumbed down or dead. Wake up. Share the links in this posting. It is not too late to stop the fall of our society.

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  1. Wow 9 members ! you could have a baseball team

  2. lol, the useful idiots of OWS are in full swing, 13million is low. Between the Unions, communist, Nazi party I don't who else is leading this thing. Over 15oo arrests, 13 million, an assortment of rapes, robberies, a death or two. I guess they are ot much like the Tea Party. Hey why not put each city in BIGGER dept, that''s a Liberal way, SPEND, SPEND, Get Polosi to say you're actually creating jobs with OWS.

    Useful idiots


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