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Question about GOP

I have moved into being more in public life. It is a local deal but still I must be more circumspect in my blogs. Keeping propriety in mind I shall refrain from asking the rhetorical question, " Is the GOP on crack?". I shall instead state I believe the GOP is out of touch with reality.

If the GOP really thinks we will forget the cliff diving into the cesspool of far right ideology, then out of touch is the kindest way to wonder aloud about the logic. The hate and race baiting during the GOP primaries has created alarms within minorities. Please include White women as being alarmed.

Today's GOP appears to be fighting to keep wages low, to keep women out of the workplace, and to keep public funds going to private corporations. When the GOP under Glenn Beck vowed to take our nation back I had no idea they wanted pre-revolutionary America. Tea anyone?

It is imperative that we as Americans help the GOP join us in our reality. We can help GOP by remembering what is important to us as a whole. We desire more time spent on easing credit for small businesses than on wombs. We desire rehabilitation of our publics schools more than we do corporate sponsored charter school. Education should remain free without being beholden to corporations. We desire corporations operate without destroying our environment. We desire to eat food without fear of harm. We most of all desire the treatment of all men as equals under the laws of our nation.


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