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Cut the crap

It is crazy how progressives are spinning in the spin cycle of the GOP wash of Hilary Rosen's comments about Ann Romney's lack of W-2 history. It is easy to see why the Dems did nothing with their 2006 - 2010 majority in Congress. The entire lot of Progressives need to grow a pair.

When will Progressives stop running from truths? The truth is if Mitt is depending on his wife to know what is important to American women he may miss a few things. Ann Romney is a stay at home mother. She is not aware of making a choice between medicine for child or gas money to get to work. She is not aware of missing school events because she can not afford to miss an hour of W-2. She is not aware of eating fast food because cooking after working long hours is not in the cards.

I am not knocking stay at home mothers. I am pointing out the fact that in America most families have two paychecks and when there is one paycheck in a household it is usually co Ming from a woman. Ann Romney is a blessed woman when her life is seen against the backdrop of the lives of most American women. I find it hard to imagine her family did not have any servants to assist with child rearing. Any family that thinks to add a car elevator to their beach house must have a servant. Do I hate wealthy people? No. It is just factual that the super wealthy do not face the same hurdles as most Americans.

Progressive Dems either grow a pair or buy a pair. I am wearing my big woman
panties as I type this blog posting. I a a big woman. Stop allowing GOP to spin facts. Ann Romney and her husband are not part of the 99%. They have issues but food, shelter, and clothing are not pressing issues for them. It is not class warfare it is reality. I applaud Hilary Rosen for pointing out the obvious to the people who refuse to acknowledge the obvious. As a working mother I would love more time at home but the children understand. Maybe liberal media will understand soon.


  1. Absolutely true!

    If Romney didn't want his family involved, then he shouldn't point them out as his advisers.

    There is no such thing as Liberal Media. MSNBC comes closest, Thom Hartman show, but where is it on national media??

    Rich people, especially those who grew up rich, are way out of touch with the 98% of us who aren't that lucky. Unfortunately, we haven't come together to get them out of running our country (into the ground).

  2. Do you know how you can tell Ann Romney is so "in touch" with regular people? Because her HORSE has it's own doctor, it's own chiropractor, and it's own masseuse. That's how Ann knows what it's like to have to choose between paying the rent and taking your child to the dentist.


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