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Pure BS

I wrote this long hand while my phone charged. I was watching primary returns on MSNBC.

My phone is charging, however; I could not wait to write my thoughts about GOP campaign rhetoric, bullshit. I could not believe the stuff I heard during the primary returns tonight.

In spite of the earthquake that shook our nation's capitol last year, Santourm is still pushing fracking. Santorum has beaten a war drum for war with Iran while surrounded by his military aged children. What nerve?
However Ryan had more nerve. Paul Ryan claimed President Obama could not run on his record as president. I say President Obama could and should run on his term as president. The President will be able to highlight why it is important to elect Democrats with a spine, the constants obstruction by the GOP for any policy to benefit American people, and mostly how the GOP refused to be part of the solution. The President will be able to highlight just how far the GOP had to go in attempts to make his first term a failure. The GOP has even fought against ACA which is basically a GOP plan. Crazy. Pure crazy.
Yet the best line of the night was Mitt Romney saying the President was out of touch. Really Mitt? One would think Mitt, car elevator, Romney would not say anything about being out of touch.


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