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Trump is a Leech

I shall start my blog posting storm with an easy one: Trump is a leech.

It is fitting Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Bust Your Windows’ is on rotation on my Amazon Jill Scott Prime station as I flex a few muscles to write what every “Intellect” rush to his or her keyboard on Friday to write.   The song reflects the emotions I feel about the “sudden” GOP outrage.  Disclaimer: I am writing from the low-brow.  If you are seeking stats and shit this blog posting isn’t it. 
Donald Trump for me has been nothing but tabloid news since the 80s.  He has never been anyone I followed or about whom I’ve read extensively.  I’ve read more about Bat-boy than Donald.  What little I read of him over the years did lead me to give thanks he was a NYC issue.  His divorce from his first wife pretty much put him in the “Done” list.  His first bankruptcy added the column of “Con” beside his name. When he announced his run for the presidency by attacking Mexicans, I added “White Supremacist” as another column. 
When he was attacking President Obama’s citizenship I saw it as nothing more than attention grabbing by a pathetic, limp dick White male.  Which bring me to my title of Trump is a leech.  He has leeched off his father, his investors, federal government, state governments, and male acquaintances who have access to females.  He is a sexual predator.  Sexual violence against women by limp dick men happens at times by pussy grabbing or duping women into being violated by another man.  The pussy grabbing is because of too small hands unable to hold a woman in a loving embrace.  The duping is because of a too small mind seeking to be accepted by a sexual predator.
There is a reason Trump is up at 3AM tweeting instead of lovingly holding his very attractive wife.  Seriously if I were married, awake at 3AM would mean I am having an orgasm not a tweet storm about a woman’s dress size.  If I am awake at 3AM without an orgasm it is because I am contacting my lawyer about a divorce settlement.  Melanie, can you hear me?  I digress.
I did not listen to the actual tape of Trump’s words.  The transcripts of his words were trigging for me. I have been sexually assaulted in my lifetime. My virginity was taken by sexual assault, I was 5.  If I my tweets about sexual violence seem as if I have issues, I do.  I own them all.  I am push back into the mindset of the victim of sexual violence when I read certain stories.  It never goes away.  It takes years of therapy to be able to talk about the violence let alone to be fully functional.  Our society and justice system often punishes the victim. 
One of the good things I have seen in 2016 is the call to end the victim shaming.  I look forward to the removal of statutes of limitations in cases of sexual violence.  Yet elected officials who continue to support Donald Trump point to changes in our justice systems being decades off for sexual violence crimes.  I wish my senator, Wicker, my governor, Phil Bryant, and my representative, Palazzo were as concerned with my ability to hold down a job in spite of the depression directly related to the sexual crimes of violence commented against me as they are about a fucking border wall.  I would rather have healthy, happy, and productive citizens than a freaking wall that can be scaled.   Then again I am just a woman, what would I know.

Donald Trump is free to sue me.  I have -20 in my checking and the only things in my name are student loans.


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