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Hillary Clinton: Ride and Die Chick

Offline I encounter folks who are convinced Hillary is corrupt.  When I ask how they say things to me such as emails, Vince Foster, White Water, 1994 Crimes Bill, and welfare reform.   I look at the folks wondering where they keep the tin foil hats.  I’ve been down with Hillary since she said, in my view, bake your own effing cookies.  She was my girl.  I didn’t need to know anything more.  Well until this year. I decided to learn more about her, purchased one of her books.  

Bill Clinton said something at the 2016 DNC that made me wonder if there was more in Hillary’s bag than hot sauce.  He stated she lined the drawers in Chelsea’s dorm room.  I said to my buddy offline, “I think Hillary is Black.”  She laughed at me but I presented to her the facts as I see them from afar. 
·        She is the breadwinner in the family
·        She made 100K out of 1K ( dollar out of .15 cents)
·        She told her husband he would get a job(“get the fuck out” may have been implied)
·        She stayed with her no-job husband after he cheated( more than once)
·        She has remained loyal to folks up until undeniable proof is presented. She then forgives.
·        She lined the drawers in her daughter’s dorm room
·        She carries hot sauce in her bag
·        She can shimmy
o   Don’t hate.  I am Black with no rhythm but when I am happy I dance.  Every Sunday in the Fall football players are fined for dancing in the end zone.  They pay the fine and keep dancing. 
o   I dance when I am cooking
I know the above seems frivolous but those things say much about her character.  She faced opposition from not only Republicans but from Democrats as well, prior to holding any elected office.   Yet she has remained one of the Democrats biggest organizers and fundraiser for decades.  It was/is ignorant for folks to think Bernie could walk into the Democratic Party, a year before the election and beat her.  It was a backroom deal on Super Delegates that gave the nomination to President Obama in 2008. She won in 2008 and 2016 the general votes.  Dems know her as being loyal.  She was just as loyal to the GOP until 1968 when her eyes were opened to the truth of racial injustice in U.S.A.  

Her first actual job was with the Children’s Defense Fund. She reported to a Black woman for whom she had high respect and regards.  Hillary willingly went to Dothan, Alabama to gather information for a discrimination case.  If you have ever had to stop for gas in Dothan then you should know the danger she was in for being a “Nigger Lover”.  Daily I see the ridiculous claims she hates Black people.  Her roommate in college was Black.  She worked for the rights of Black women in college.  She was in Dothan to ensure the proper funding for education of Black children.  She worked to improve the lives of Black people in Arkansas although she was not elected to public office.  Hillary doesn’t hate Black people.  

Hillary has done more outside of being an elected official than some who have been in office for 30 years.  Everything she has done (peep her history don’t @ me) has been to uplift the poor, working poor, and those who are socially disadvantage.  Yes, she was down for LGBTQ rights before it was popular.   She was not an elected official, her husband was, when welfare reform and Crimes bill were signed.  Just as she didn’t control Bill’s dick she didn’t control what legislation he signed.  She and Bill are not the same. She isn’t a far-left liberal but she does have very liberal ideals.  Yet she also understand international markets and relations. Folks cold hard truth USA doesn’t run things.  We must be willing to make compromises in regards to international relations and trade.  We need a president who understands diplomacy and uses it well.

Hillary has been hit with one lie after the next.  Many of these lies came from Arkansas to teach to her a lesson for being a “Nigger Lover”.  I’ve watched her, from afar, keep her cool since 1992.  She didn’t go gutter in her public responses. She has been honest without being misleading in all charges leveled at her.  Hillary Clinton is by far the best candidate for president in my life-time.  She understands our laws, international laws, she has a natural inclination to do right, she has empathy, she is able to make the hard decisions, and yes she is a woman.  I trust her to have my back in all things.


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