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These B’s Ain’t loyal

Fuck’em.  I am not begging anyone to vote for Hillary.  If someone must beg or plead with you for you to vote, forget you.  You don’t give a fuck.  You just want to bitch, moan, groan, and be seen.  However, I am off target. 
Hillary Clinton was not/is not required to give jack shit to Bernie in regards to the DNC.  However, she did.  Bernie appointed Cornell West to the Platform Drafting Committee.  Cornell a man who has been vocal about his distaste for current President Obama, a Democrat.  Today, Dr. West is support Jill Stein, Green Party.
Party politics is party politics for a reason. You don’t join the year of demanding loyalty or the right to set policy.  If you don’t agree with the Democratic Party don’t be a member.  Build up the Green, Republican, or whatever fourth party you desire.   I say these words as a former staunch Independent voter.  I would still be an Independent if not for the GOP showing they care nothing for the people.  When GOP went totally for corporations, I could no longer be on the fence. 
The GOP has tried for years to silence Hillary.  They have feared she would enact a true New Deal in the 20th century.  I look forward to seeing her do it in the 21st century.  It is with dismay I watch many repeat lies as truths.  It is with greater dismay I watch these same people display a total lack of understanding of government.  I blame those who do know and understand for leading these people astray. 
Folks don’t get at me.  Get at a Civics class.  Also get at history and stats classes.  Once educated you will understand how you have been played.  I too desire for the system to be different.  I know the difference between change and evolution.


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