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I am White. I have spoken let it be done. So says NY Post editorial board

Blessing hearts daily is what I do.  Bless you NY Post Editorial Board

Time for Black Lives Matter to grow-up.   Dear ones, bless your hearts.  You desire for this non-violent movement to grow into what?  More Black males shooting officers?  Black Lives Matter has been ridiculed and jailed in city after city.  Black people (male/female) have been killed continuously without due process of law.  Even audio and video of police officers not adhering to standard rules of engagement have not swayed court decisions.

Sunday after the shooting of officers in Baton Rouge I heard the term “radicalization” in regards to Black males.  There was a desire to pin the blame on ISIS or Black Lives Matter rather than on the lack of due process of law.  Person after person was mystified as to why two Black veterans would become so upset they would shoot police officers.  This “radicalization” was a mystery.  No one in any mainstream media stated the obvious truths; “Maybe, just maybe, these two young Black males were tired of watching the police kill other Black people without any redress.”

Rather than own to the fact there are racists wearing badges, the media continues to pump up a narrative that All cops are good.  No, they are not.  I have stated several times rouge cops make policing harder for actual “do their jobs without prejudice” police officers.  These rouge officers allowed to do as they please radicalize the communities they are killing. 

Black Lives Matter, has been very non-violent.  There are some Black people who do wish to “fuck the police”.  Yet, those people are not Black Lives Matter.  Those working to ensure due process of law is given to every person understand violence begets more violence.  They also understand the history of movements in America.  NY Post editorial board you have it wrong Black Lives Matter is grown.  You will not be allowed to spread the fake narrative that the ideology of Black Lives Matter is behind the killing of the police.  No.  Just stop. 

If you wish to do something other than increase the existing fear of Black people, I suggest:

  • ·        Remove from the force members of KKK , neo-Nazi, etc
  • ·        Remove Billy Bad Ass from the force. He isn’t helping either.
  • ·        Allow for civil non-union suit against officers who commit these crimes
  • ·        Allow for civil suit against departments who hire or maintain officers no longer fit for duty
  • ·        Mandate officers must live in the communities they patrol.
  • ·        Precincts should be staffed accordingly to the number of citizens in the area. 

It is time for White Americans to be honest.  You, White America, know the history of the United States.  You, White America, have audio and video of current day racism by law enforcement across the United States.  When I call you, White Americans, out for being afraid, you say you are not.  However, each time a cop murders an unarmed non-White person, the first words are “I was afraid”.  Own your fear.  Resolve your fear.  

I don’t snap in the wind although this nation has shown me and my kind nothing but violence and oppression.  As a Black lesbian mother I should a nervous wreck but I am not.  I love those who would hate me as I love those who love me.  I wake each morning to be more loving event though persecution will meet me at some point in my day.  Stay loving in all things.


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