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Red Pill Activation

Every so often I throw a red pill into a TL to see the bots and the operatives at work.  In all of the discussion about collusion with Russia during the 2016 elections, Bernie has been remarkably quiet.  He will say something when pressed but overall he isn’t concerned about the matter.  Why? Collusion with a nation against whom we have sanctions is a very treasonous matter.
I am not saying Bernie directly colluded with Russia for the failure of our democracy in the USA.  I am saying there were some running his campaign who had ties to Russia.  I do know if I tweet a few keys words to legitimate people regarding Bernie, I get foreign bots in my DMs. 
I am not saying all Bernie Bros are bots.  I’ve met them offline.  They sincerely believe a White man is the solution for all of the ills of the USA.  Maybe they are correct, only the creators can correct what they have done.  However, I continue to see White men make people of color, especially Black people, and women afterthoughts.   What type of fool would I be if I trusted my welfare to a White man? 
My discussion with a White male about Bernie making HBCUs an afterthought, ended with the White male saying “so i really don't care if you think….”  I knew this White male, much as Bernie and the other bros, didn’t care what I think.  In his words one doesn’t need to be Black or female to support women or people of color.  He is correct, however; being male and White seems to hindering hearing women and PoC when they speak.  I could be wrong but as a Black lesbian it is my interpretation of decades of conversations with White males and males.
Post-election some are slowly waking to understand why Black women knew from Jump Street what time it was.  Black men still locked into the same “I am man and I must lead the women and children” dreamland as is Bernie are still sleeping.  The Women’s’ March   was vital for it said, “Naw Bro being male isn’t nor has it been for centuries the only qualification for leading.” Yet, our media and elected officials continue to push to young people of color and to White women the White male savior narrative.  Meanwhile, Black women singing “Hell 2 Da NawNawNaw”. 


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