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The Pure Driven Snow in Mississippi

Well, it seems I have hurt someone’s feelings.  My governor has blocked me on Twitter.  He said something about HB1425 and I did a quote of it.  My quote was something about one should check whatever my governor promotes. 

I am thinking really?  He is really mad because I stated something about legislation?  Then I remembered I pasted his reaction to Jeff Sessions’ confirmation for AG every opportunity I could find to do so. 

I mean seriously he is my governor and he is saying these things.  Also Mississippi has not exactly been making the best deals lately so yes I question legislation when he is pushing it.  We should always question legislation.  I use to skim the bills. I had no idea this man who likes to pose with guns and law enforcement was so sensitive.  He is the last I would think would be a snowflake.  

 Perhaps it is my asking, what my local media should be doing, if he is of any relations to the woman who claimed Emmett Till whistled at her, which just finally pissed him off.  It could be he worships Donald J. Trump.  Hint the J. isn’t for the Jesus you are thinking.    

Alas what is a constituent to do when her governor refuses to be open and transparent about his governing? She should contact his office to confirm an appointment to discuss this matter given she is a citizen of the state.


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