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Educate Yourself

I’ve felt the last few months I’ve done nothing but repeat myself.  I would tell to my children, “I gain no joy repeating myself.”  My blog postings have suffered greatly for I do not like to repeat myself.  I have been saying the same things since 2000, yet Trump is what it has taken for folks to wake to the mess. 

Today, a young woman made a statement that got me out of my seat to dance for a few minutes, “black savior”.  

 I dance for I had said something offline similar to a friend girl of mine during my evening walk. We were discussing how Black women got what others missed.  Somewhere in the discussion we talked about excuses from Black men.  

I am was a single parent and excuses from Black men, not having it.  Black men were on that same Good Ship Stupid as White people when it came to Barack.  They were expecting Obama to be Jesus for Black people. When the BP oil spill happened in the Gulf, folks blamed him for not stopping the spill.  Folks truly expected Barack to be able to plug the oil spill with his dick.  Just as he couldn’t do that, he couldn’t eradicate the effects of 400 years of systemic racism in USA.  Stay with me folks.

Chicago is no more violent than Baton Rouge, Jackson, MS, Memphis, and several other cities.  It has the same issue seen in other cities, systemic racism. When I type systemic I refer to the direct and the indirect results of it.  Given I am currently healing, I shall end this one by referencing what the young woman said, educate yourself. 

Give to her a follow on Twitter you will not be disappointed. 


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I am typing a few quick thoughts today.  This thought is about White people being real.  When I returned to Mississippi in 2002, I had planned to only be here two years.  I didn't wish my kids to be in the oppressiveness of Mississippi too long.   I like other young Black people left this state before the ink was dry decades earlier.  When I returned in 2002, I was to learn of a silent change in the state, White folks waking-up. 

They are sadly still not the majority in 2017 but they are growing daily.  Trump has helped many White people face the mirror no longer able to deny the truth.  They are now facing the results of hate without the filter of Confederate glasses.  Mississippi is a wreck and holding on to a divisive symbol of hate, our flag.  Centuries of hate in the state has left the state destitute to the point even White people are leaving in large numbers.   Those now leaving are exporting hate to other states that have done well economically by ending policy of hate.