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Rise UP Andra Day plays in the background as I write this piece.  I like, many in USA, am not really feeling Christmas or Holidays this year.  In part because of seeing how easily others in USA were duped into turning our nation over to Russia. The other part is seeing no action from those elected to prevent the turning over of our nation to Russia do nothing beyond kissing the ring of Putin’s puppet.  Joy to the world but there is sadness for me.
Sadness in knowing I must now don the clothing of a fighter when I am really a lover.  Knowing dress rehearsal was never called but to the stage we all must come.  Failure to appear means the curtains may fall on this great experiment of democracy we call USA.  We failed to have a dress rehearsal due to the many re-write requests from the background actors.  “No, I must shine.”  “No, I must shine.” “No, I must shine.” Ignoring the fact they are background for a reason. The focus of this play about democracy is to highlight how the voices of many not flood lights for a soliloquy allows for all to shine under the lights of justice.  Yet now we stand on a darkened stage facing an audience who have come to not enjoy this play but to burn down the playhouse. 
It is with this knowledge of the play and the audience, I find myself with a fire bucket poised to put out the smallest of sparks from the madness of the audience.  I understand the value of the playhouse and the need to maintain it for future plays that will promote the evolution of mankind.  I know I must pull actors and audience members alike to safety.  Allow them to see the folly of their actions based on fears unfounded. 


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