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Love and Trust

Background  :  You travel  to a cliff  with a trusted friend.  Your friend  is a mountaineer.  You , not so much.  Your friend  wishes  for you to try base jumping  but you don't  see the  purpose.  As you approach  the cliff after a long hike through the dense forest  and snakes .  You stand  on the cliff giving  thanks for the beauty  before  you.  You look to your  right and see another mountain  to climb .You think  to yourself  I shall be ready.  You then turn  to the  beauty  before  you.  In the peace of the beauty you reflect  on  the  climb for this view.  You think what from this climb  do you take  on the next  climb.  Just as you get deep  into thought your friend  pushes  you over the cliff.  

You have  nothing  required  for base jumping  nor did you agree to base jump.  Somehow  a wind pushes  your body against the side of the mountain  and  you land heavily  on  another ledge.  The wind's increased  speed prevents your friend  from jumping.  He/she is forced to  sit for 4 hours.  During  that time  your  friend  sees your body  on the ledge.  Using  his/her satellite  phone , he/she calls  for help for you.  You are taken to a hospital. You are told the other mountain  in the distance  you will never climb due to  injuries  sustained.  You will no longer  be  able  to  do anything  you did before  without  some  aid. It is st this hospital  you meet  your soul mate . You ate in a state  of bliss through  much hardship  and toils  but your significant  other is there for you.  Through  some  additional  miracles you  eventually  gain more than you had the  day your friend  pushed ypu off the cliff.

Question  : Do you  trust that friend who has no remorse  for pushing  you over the cliff?


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