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Gun Control

I have been asked in my private life about my thoughts on the White House position on guns.  I am not known for being the biggest anti-gun person on the planet.  I even told one person during a conversation I would no longer be a Democrat if the party seeks to eradicate the 2nd Amendment.  I believe in and participate in the right to defend my home.  When I mention gun control, I am usually referring to the practice of shooting with eyes open and no sneezing.  I was reared in a home filled with guns, shooting my first 410 at age 7.  Guns and the accurate shooting of guns are almost genetic in my family.  I write almost for I made a decision, prior to having children of my own, to stop the madness. 

It is pure madness to have at a minimum one gun in each room of your home.  It is insane to teach a child how to kill before you teach the child how to love.  There is a huge chasm between the reality of actions and the ideals of words when one prepares to take the life of another while claiming to live in faith on the “Word” of Jesus.  As a young adult I said no to such madness. 

Although I do not stockpile weapons and ammunition, I do believe in the right of self-defense.  I arm myself more for the wild boar attempting to claim rights to my land than I do my neighbor.  I am armed with a good rifle that requires less ammunition than the Bushmaster in bringing down wild boars.  In defense of your home, Joe Biden is correct in saying only a good shotgun is required.  Attempting to arm one’s self against the government is ridiculous if not outright madness.    

Rambo only works in the movies.  If there is fear of the government then, “We the People” need to discuss why we have such fear.  If you live in an area within the United State of America that is a “war zone” that requires military grade weaponry and local law enforcement are powerless against such forces, then it is time for state or federal action in your neighborhood.  However it is hard for local law enforcement to do their jobs when private citizens have a higher grade of weaponry.  I write hard for I know, with the current militarization of local police forces, it is not impossible.  In short there is no reason for private citizens to stockpile weapons or to live in fear in the United States of America.   Many times these weapons are used to kill the owner or family members or neighbors or friends.  We must require more responsibility of gun owners in the usage and storage of their weapons.  It is time for this “Christian” nation to live as did Christ, full faith.


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