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Accident my tail bone

Friday’s flying of the Confederate Battle flag over the Mississippi Supreme Court has been label an error.  Having been around a few flag poles in my life, I find it hard to believe the flag could have been flown for two hours without anyone noticing.  Mississippi leads the nation in many health related issues.  We also have a large number of our population classified as working poor.  The working poor are unable to afford self-insurance but make too much for Medicaid.  Add to this mix a GOP controlled executive and legislative branches and you get political grandstanding at the expense of the people. 
I reach this conclusion based on hubris.  Friday the Chaney, the Insurance Commissioner of Mississippi received notice that our plan to implement the insurance exchange was denied.  It was denied in part to Governor Bryant’s refusal to expand Medicaid.  Given the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act as the legal law of the land, it would only be fitting to fly the flag above the Mississippi Supreme Court as a sign of victory.  It is a sign of state’s rights triumph over federal control.  It is a small, petting, minuscule victory gained not on the level playing field of law but by using low-level ego based short sighted thinking. 
Our current GOP controlled legislature and executive branches have done everything they can to pass every ALEC based legislation created.  They do these things although the state of Mississippi cannot afford any of the corporate protection based ALEC legislation.  I would have called the flying of the flag typical but given all that occurred Friday it seems, in my view, to have been an intentional signal of victory over the federal government.  Is there a real call, by the GOP in our legislature and the Governor for Mississippi to secede from the Union?  It is time we call our elected officials on such childish games that negatively affect our lives.
 Speak up and speak out on such matter.  Also, the denial of the state’s plan for the insurance exchange only means we will not run it.  It will be run by the federal government.  If every state acts as has Mississippi we will have what will amount to be universal healthcare.  The legislation Hillary wanted in the 1990’s.  This check and mate has been brought to Mississippi by “Slick Willie” Clinton.  It is sad he can count on some people to not change.  Mississippi, raising the flag since 1894. 


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