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My final day off work and I decided to tune in to CSPAN.  I wanted to see what the House was up to in regards to the fiscal issues we face as a nation.  if you follow me on twitter (@amsmawoman) you know my reaction.  Those children of God get paid to do nothing.  They spoke for almost an hour about the executive order by President Obama for a Congressional pay raise.  They then moved on to discuss a post office in Wisconsin.  I thought to myself "Seriously?!?"  It is a new year and I have vowed to tone done my cursing.  Days like today, are trying.  The GOP controlled House is very trying.  These people were doing everything they could to not address the matter of the fiscal well being of the nation.

As always, I must be honest.  I am not a fan of the deal hammered out in the Senate.  It is a piece of work at best.  The first thing that caught my attention was the fact of a permanent tax cut.  We as a nation of responsible  adults can not afford a tax cut for any of our citizens when we have yet to pay for the wars we started.  I am keeping it plain.  We must start paying down the loans given to us for the wars we started.  We do not need to allow these loans to accrue any additional interest.  It is wrong to put this bill on our children when the wars were not fought for our children. 

Although I was against the wars, the Bush tax-cuts of 2001, and every other GOP waste of the projected surplus left by the Clinton Administration, I am prepared to work to get our nation out of this unnecessary debt.  Yes, it means more beans and rice in my home but I would rather beans and rice now than on the table for my grandchildren.  The truth as I see it is we can not cut our way out of this mess.  We need to spend money on our infrastructure, education, science,  and our healthcare.  The time to cut will come but cutting the social fiscal safety net is not showing fiscal responsibility

The only good thing about the House's reaction today is it shows the GOP obstruction for what it is.  Although I am not a fan of the deal hammered out in the Senate, it would have been better for the GOP to have voted on the bill today.  Today's infantile behavior by the House is showing the GOP to be corporate owned pawns more concerned with corporations than the people.  This behavior must be addressed in 2014 and in our local/state government.  Enough is enough.


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