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Libby's back, you know I am back

Ok, before I start, I say thanks for hanging with me.  It has been a wild ride for me.  However, I am back to form.  It has been a long time coming. 

Now on to business.
Prepare yourselves for the return of "Benghazi".  It is time we understand a few things about the world.

1.  It is not our job to police the world.
2.  Private corporations desiring to do business in other countries do so at the liberty of the host country. 
3.  The United States military and the national guard are not security for private corporations. 
4.  U.S. Embassies operate based on the hospitality of the host nation.  We cannot station troops in any country without being seen as "occupiers".  If you doubt me talk with the locals in Germany or Japan.
 5.  If we desire the resources of other countries we must to pay to them the true value of the resources.  The days of colonialism are behind us.
6.  When we provided the means of death to other nations, we should expect backlash of some sort.  It is time we stop warring for resources and work with other nations peacefully.

In short Benghazi was an attempt to influence US foreign policy that failed.  We have only taken a harder stance.  Although the goal was the same in Algeria, Algeria involved private citizens working for private companies. When one is open to working in countries that are not stable, one is made aware of the risk.  In fact one must sign a waiver in regards to the dangers. 

We must not commit our military to becoming the World Police Force.  If we can not acquire the resources we need from other countries then we must develop substitutes here in the United States.  It is time we get out of the war industry and into the industry of sustaining a high quality of life for all humans.  The people in the Near East have shown to us they are able to overthrow their own governments without our intervention. 



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