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Post election? Mississippi full hog

After many months of laws designed to obstruct voting and billions spent on maintaining a racist media narrative, President Obama is re-elected as president of the United States of America. The response from the state of Mississippi to this historic re-election: 400 students at Ole Miss hold a protest over the results of the election.  I had two thoughts: Thanks students at Ole Miss for enhancing the image of Mississippi in not only local and national news but in international news as well.  The GOP accomplished its goal to take back this nation.  We were taken back to a time before the 1960’s.  When will we get “it” in Mississippi?

The” it” we need to get in Mississippi is part of  my takeaways from this election. 

Our image in the international media does matter.  The chances of our children working outside of the United States increases as companies continue to grow in being multi-national corporations (e.g. Wal-Mart) the protest of the election by 400 students at Ole Miss makes about as much sense as the protest of James Meredith being a student at Ole Miss.  President Obama’s election simply says the vote of Americans is not for sale and nor will it be denied.  Yet, these students at one of Mississippi’s premier universities protested?

The writing has been on the wall for several years.  Mississippians need to understand the writing.  President Obama won the election twice without the South.  We mute our voices in the political discourse by allowing a minority of our population to frame our image.  We must become a more informed voting population in Mississippi as well as in the South in general.  We must allow race to be less of a factor when voting.

When people, on public assistance, vote for the person who runs on the policy to reduce public benefits, racism or an uninformed populace is the root of such voting.  Either option is losing for the South and Mississippi.  When independent living Southerners are willing to become dependent on corporations for their lives and livelihoods it is worrisome.  At some point the interdependency of government, has become a bad idea in the South.   Why have we forgotten that in America, we the humans are the government not corporations?

During my travels around Mississippi in 2011, I observed a disturbing trend amongst all of the people, Americans desiring not to be involved in the function of our government.  These same people bemoan the laws designed to improve the finances of corporations while decimating household finances.  These people would say they are not experts or had enough money to be more involved.  If we continue to allow the “experts” to make decisions we will soon have in America a monarchy of corporate heirs.  It is time we become engaged in the political process in America.


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