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There Were Only 7 Who Spoke Into The Silence For The Nation's Good

Friday, January 6, 2017 Congress had an opportunity to contest the Electoral College vote.  Yet only 7 people out of 535 stood to challenge the vote.  I call them the Magnificent 7:

  • ·        Sheila Jackson Lee(TX)
  • ·        Barbara Lee(CA)
  • ·        Maxine Waters (CA)
  • ·        Pramila Jayapal(WA)
  • ·        Jim McGovern(MA)
  • ·        Raul M Grijalva(AZ)
  • ·        Jamie Raskin(MD)

These people out of the 435 total members of the People’s House and of the 194 Democrats in the People’s House stood. We had 187 Democrats to remain seated and to not challenge the Electoral College vote. 
They pleaded with someone from the Senate to stand with them.  In the Senate not one of the 46 Democrats stood.  Bernie Sanders, the Independent, was silent.  The silence from the Senate was loud to my ears.  Joe Biden’s insistence that it was over was a reminder that I still lived in America where no challenge to the system of White male supremacy would be allowed.  All the players knew their parts. 
They strolled unto the stage of election with their fists raised and the words of resistance flowing from their lips as does the waters of the Mississippi. These players have spent their lives learning the system of oppression and the allowed amount of resistance.  Slowly every decade the oppression is lessened by the width of an ant’s antenna.   They turn to me and my people to say, “Peace unto you.  Trust us to make it better.”  I look at them in wonder.  I ask, “You take me for what manner of fool? I know you.”
Sadly we have Democratic leaders in office who think it is business as usual and all rules still apply.  They fail to understand the GOP has suspended business as usual and lawless is the operation of the day.  The failure of understanding was highlighted by Trump’s statement that Putin had outsmarted Obama.  I had prayed it wasn’t true.  I had prayed there was a Hail Mary for my nation but there was none.  Obama checked out on us at a time we needed him the most.
He had enough information to arrest folks early 2016 yet he did nothing.  He was worried how things would appear. Meanwhile the GOP lead by Trump’s racist rhetoric publicly displayed the worst attributes of America with no shame.   Obama could have pushed through some appointments to the Federal Courts but he didn’t.  He took more time to state how he could have beaten Trump.  Dude, what the fuck?  Work with me. 
Yet from the top to the bottom the Democrats are not working with me or anyone who sees the shit that is coming.  I am most surprised Hillary conceded as quickly as she did.  Hillary is well known fighter. I wish young folks today could have seen what it took to beat her down when she was fighting for single-payer in 1994.  Bernie Sanders, by the way, wasn’t helping her to win that fight. Every day I awake and read the news, I wonder what the fuck?
I understand the frustration of young people and older people.  I don’t understand it enough to not vote but I understand.  I know some voted for Stein on principle but I can’t afford principles to be honest.  Black lesbian mothers can’t afford principles that White folks have.  Sometimes we have to suck dick just like any other woman to get what we need for our families and self.  It isn’t pretty, it isn’t even 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice but as a woman I do what must be done for my family. One day I pray my grandchildren will be able to have the principles of White people to protest vote. As for now I nor my children have such principles.  It is obvious to me the GOP doesn’t have any principles.
The entire party knew Russia was involved in our elections.  They were aware of the hacking and did all they could to suppress the release of the information to the general public.  The party is in short nothing but traitors to the United States of America.  There is nothing ethical or principled about anyone in the GOP.  They have sold out our nation to Russia.
If you ever wondered how Hitler came to be, look at the silence in Congress January 6, 2017.  In light of all the illegal and unethical actions that occurred during this election, only 7 of 535 members of Congress said a word.  I thank each of you for saying something.

The Magnificent 7 in the House:

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