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Eff It All

In light of recent revelations about Trump’s campaign collusion with Russia, it is my hope that Hillary, who won the popular vote, is chosen by the Electoral College for the office of president.  We need a champion of human rights in the White House to stop the GOP assaults on our rights & checking accounts.  Paul Ryan salivating at privatizing Medicare and Social Security, we need to peep his blind trust.  Hillary came with a plan to help us maintain our social safety nets, without privatization.
The level of ignorance of a candidate, in an age of information, was astounding this presidential election cycle.  Astounding for most of it was willful ignorance. This election showed more than simple White male fear of a browning of America and White women being able to be more than birthing vessels. It showed the willingness of people of color and White women to fuck the United States out of blind anger.  (If you are seeking intellectual statistical blogging, this is not it).  Fear and anger prevented many from learning the truth about Hilary.  These people would rather hold on to bullshit than get out to vote for what is best for the nation.  The very people who needed Hillary refused to vote for her.
Since it became known in the early 90’s America would soon be “brown” White people have truly been freaking out that the genocide didn’t work.  I happen to be okay with a “brown” USA for I know first-hand “brown” people don’t wake thinking how to oppress other people.  Yet, White fear has created a mythical “brown” boogie-man that will destroy the USA.  In their unjustified fear White people voted for an orange tinted man who has collude with Russia.  These people would rather have Russia run the USA than a woman who has worked since 1968 to level the playing field in USA for racial minorities.
Sadly racial minorities would rather believe lies about Hillary than spend 60 seconds to Google the truth about her.  In 60 seconds one can Google all the legislation Hillary Clinton has actually written.  Everything she has actually written has been in support of leveling the playing field in a White male supremacy nation.  Yet folks would rather speak about crime bill.  These same folks cheer Bernie Sanders who actually vote “Yea” on it.  Hillary Clinton didn’t vote on it.  At the time she was pushing single payer.  Yet these lies persist. When I point out she didn’t vote on it, these folks mention Haiti.  Luvs & Lovers you do a disservice to Haitians to suggest they are childlike people who can’t govern themselves. Just as racial minorities chose to fuck the USA in this election, Haitians can choose to not deal with United States.  Fact is the Clinton Foundation has been investigated and cleared of any wrong doings.  Willful ignorance.
They ignored her plan for justice reform, Bernie didn’t have a plan.  She actually started working with Mothers in the Movement prior to announcing her candidacy. She didn’t just wake-up to the need for justice reform.  She saw the need in 1968 but wasn’t elected to any public office until 2000.  Michelle Obama is a very “real” sista.  Trust if Hillary hated Black people Michelle would not have campaigned for her. Yet racial minorities stayed home playing “White” as if they can play the “We don’t have an option game”.  We did have an option. We had someone unafraid to say systemic racism and Black Lives Matter with a plan to address them. 
When I look at how women are treated around the world, I give thanks for being in the USA.  It is true women in USA are not on a bed of roses but at least they have a bed and a house of their own. If Hillary didn’t divorce her cheating husband, that is on her.  It doesn’t make her a horrible candidate for president.  It makes her the same as most women who stay with their men after contracting a STD.  Yeah, you know who you are.  If every woman was made stupid for staying then we have a nation of stupid women. 
I’ve been especially alarmed at those not from the USA promoting lies about Hillary among racial monitories.  These people actively cheer the fall of the USA.  Folks, I acknowledge the wrongs of the USA but I am not fool enough to tear it down from the inside.  I am not in the burn it down crowd.  I know what it takes to build therefore I am very slow to burn down.  Folks who have no idea of building, owning, or running anything are quick to cry burn it down.  Black woman magic is sometimes described as making a dollar out of fifteen cents.  Luvs & Lovers it isn’t magic it is knowing how to take what you have to make something greater.   It involves critical thinking skills. 


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