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Why We Need More People of Color Writing Syfy

This weekend due to an enduring cough, I decided to binge watch Wayward Pines.  In truth, I actually need to binge on Game of Thrones but I shall save that binge($$$$$) for my birthday.  Let me not chase that rabbit for now.  Wayward Pines is one example of how having majority White writers of science fiction/fantasy continue to ignore the actual composition of Earth's population, the societal norms of those populations, and the ability of those populations to thrive outside of White intervention.

I am a lover of Fantasy and Science Fiction since childhood. What I have noted over the years is a common theme, humans(White people) have changed the environment to the point of either some horrifying human mutation or some climate apocalypse.  I often wonder why in these writings we don't see an evolution that leads to world peace.  Start Trek is one of the few that shows the possibility for humans after we  learn to work for peace not war.  However,  even Star Trek fails to accurately portray the population ratio.  If you watch, on any ship the ratio is normally 20/1 White/person of color.   That ratio isn't supported by current or even historical populations.  However, that ratio is supported by the results of colonization of the planet by White people.  It reflects the genocide perpetrated on Earth by White people.  In light of the numerous genocides, yes, I can grasp the concept of 20/1 White/PoC ratio.  Please note, I continue to watch/read Fantasy and Science Fiction.  We need more people of color to write for these genres.

People of color are less likely to create scenes where people breakup into small groups when facing a clear and present danger.  It is 2016 but collectivism is still found within the communities of people of color.  It is a common joke among people of color when the characters in current mainstream books/films seek to split up when facing the Predator or Jason.  Ask any person of color about such scenes and you will hear, " White people crazy."  If these genres are to survive it is important to create scenes to which the reader/viewer can relate.

Personally, I cannot relate to needing a White savior to get me out of a mess created by a White person.  My people have been surviving messes created by White people  for centuries.  It is an insult of my intelligence and of those who have come before me to continue to push the idea of a White savior.  There are tech advances in India, China, Korea, and on the African continent.  I have found in my work it is often immigrants from those areas who help take something from an idea to a reality. It is only constant wars that retard the advancement of what we call "Third World Nations".  Wars that are often started by First World nations(e.g. France).   If you think to check me,  think of Iran(which is near White).  The push to keep Iran from having technology is its own fear based industry.  Yet  Israel, which is White, is given government (US) funding to acquire tech while killing Palestinians(PoC).

We need more people of color to write Fantasy and Science Fiction.  We now have the platform for distribution of products outside the normal distribution channels.  If we don't write then we will continue to not be erased from history ( the builders of the pyramids) and only 1/20 of mankind in the future.  Control doesn't happen by the sword but by the pen.  Now back to finishing the last episode of Wayward Pines.


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