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End the terror

Wednesday  night, June 17th, 2015, I became  very depressed.  I should  say again for I slipped  into a state  after the murder of Mike Brown last year.  I stopped  blogging  at that time.  Recently  I was feeling  better and hopeful.  However  Wednesday  I saw this nation  go back to the same  shit.  If you've  followed  my blogging  in the past, you know I don't  blog stuff for mainstream  publication.  As I tell to my kids, I'm not your joy pill. I'm your  mama. 

The depressing thing for me about Wednesday's  night massacre  is beyond  the lives lost, the flag  and even history. It is, in my opinion, to see even liberals  debate if it was terrorism.  How can we as Blacks escape  the centuries  of terror  in America  if even the liberals  debate  if terror?

What I see in the debate  is more acts of terrorism  in America  against   Blacks.  When we protest  we are denied  our right of assembly. We are threatened  to not have employment  if we visibly  speak  out on the terror.  If we buy arms in large quantities  we are investigated  with swift  judgements( Wesley  Snipes  ). 

Yet every day I'm told  to ignore the large cache  of arms  and ammo purchased  by White people. I'm told to ignore the  lack of due  process  under the law  by police. I'm also told to not block traffic  with my protests  least I inconvenience  White people.  There is a disconnect  in America  and it isn't  amongst  Black  community. 

My state  of Mississippi  has put out information  for churches  to have safe services .  What the hell?  The intent was to kill Blacks  not Christians.  The best we can have is terrorism  applied  to the massacre  to open investigation  into known  hate groups.  The Council  of Conservative  Citizens' website doesn't  go to their website site. 

As we would say as kids, "God doesn't  like  ugly".  America  needs to wake up  and then  accept  we have homegrown  terrorist.  There are no lone wolves.  These humans get there marching  orders  and are  then cuddled  by the mainstream  media.  It is time to wakeup. 


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